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Slot Sofa Home / Furniture The Slot Sofa by designer Matthew Pauk features a slide-out coffee table and footrests that all but disappear into the couch when you need more space in your living room. {My Chair Affair} Vincent Reardon Slot Sofa | Après Cinq This unique furniture piece is the Vincent Reardon Slot Sofa created by Rob Tang and Matt Pauk. This duo are graduates of Industrial Design and created a functional and practical sofa that I think is perfect for both house and condo environments. It's a slotted sofa that when pulled out becomes part ottoman and part coffee table. Slot Sofa with Coffee Table and Footrests - Bonjourlife Slot sofa is designed by Designer Matthew Pauk. This simple but ingenious sofa hides the footrests and coffee table in between couches. All together it is a best space saving solution for those who like to eat while watching TV. via [Gizmodo]

Slot Sofa Design by Matthew Pauk Description from designer, Matthew Pauk : Slot Sofa is a dynamic furniture piece. The sofa system finds new value and diverse functionality by blending the sofa, coffee table, and ottoman.

The only downside is that it’s still a work in progress to some degree: The Slot Sofa is still being tested to work out the kinks and figure out how to bring it to market. But hopefully designer Matthew Pauk will bring this to market soon: We know far too many apartments that need it. Modular Slot Sofa | living room | Modular sofa, Modular ...

Modular Slot Sofa | living room | Modular sofa, Modular ...

43 Minimalist Sofa Designs - 43 Minimalist Sofa Designs. Score 6.7. More Stats +/- By: Tana Makmanee - Feb 25, 2013. ... The Slot Sofa by Matthew Pauk Pulls Out into an Additional Lounge Setup. View Article. 40. Pillow Pullout Couches. The 'ZipZip' by Pling Creates Adaptable Cushion Arrangements. View Article. 39. Modular Slot Sofa by Matthew Pauk - Homeli While not modular in the strictest sense, I think the Slot Sofa by Matthew Pauk definitely deserves a place in our modular furniture week. As the series of pictures ... Slot Sofa: Compact Modular Couch Contains Table & Chairs | Designs ... Matthew Pauk writes of his work: “Slot is a dynamic furniture piece. The sofa system finds new value and diverse functionality by blending the sofa, coffee table, ... Slot Sofa Hides a Coffee Table and Matching Foot Rests - Gizmodo

Slot Sofa By Matt Pauk Price, Slots together so can easily be taken apart and has never been used! Bug Texas Holdem Poker!

Slot Sofa makes a lot from a little space - New Atlas

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SLOT is designed by Matthew Pauk and it’s a combination of a coffee and a hidden coffee table set. This space-saving combo appears to be a simple sofa but it cleverly hides a coffee table and two ottomans which can easily slide in and out whenever needed. The two lower cushions can also serve... Промышленный дизайн: Диван-трансформер Slot sofa от … Модульный диван-трансформер называется Slot sofa и является усовершенствованным вариантом современной мягкой мебели для современной семьи. Slot Sofa – A Dynamic Furniture Piece by Matthew Pauk Slot is a dynamic piece of furniture that combines a sofa, a coffee table and an ottoman. Designed by Matthew Pauk, this modern concept uses the gaps found between the cushions of a sofa as sliding tracks for the table to go in and out. Hidden underneath the table are two sofa cushions that can be... Slot Sofa: Compact Modular Couch... | Designs & Ideas on… Matthew Pauk writes of his work: “Slot is a dynamic furniture piece.But of course, things can slip and slide in the conversion process – a problem he also addresses through materials and design: “The magnetically retained sofa cushions always find and keep their optimal position either atop the table...